Technology Based Manufacturing Services

WPMT Manufacturing Services

West Penn Manufacturing Technologies offers high quality manufacturing services to clients across the United States. Specializing in fabrication and machining of a wide range of metals, plastics and foam, which includes cutting, milling, bending and welding. Here you will find knowledgeable engineers and technicians, who will take care of all your manufacturing needs, and deliver a wide variety of services on time and within budget. We are equipped with the latest tools, technology, and skill sets required to deliver the desired level of quality in our services.

Machining Services

With our various equipment we are able to offer customers a wide range of services.

CNC Cutting

We offer a diverse selection of cutting capabilities for various product types. 

Fabrication Services

We are able to offer customers a wide variety of fabricating services.

Additional Services

Quality Assurance

At West Penn, we value our customers and their products. That is why we have put in place the highest quality assurance standards to ensure products are at their best, before we deliver them to the customer.

  • 3D Inspection Arm 

  • Non-Destructive Weld Inspection 

  • 1st Article Inspection Report

We also offer premium quality engineering services.

Get in touch with our team today, and see how our manufacturing and engineering services can help you with your next project. Whatever your requirements are, you can be assured that we will strive to accommodate them and meet your expectations.